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Vitamin D and Athletic Performance: The Potential Role of Muscle   Review Article
Correlations of Handgrip Strength with Selected Hand-Arm-Anthropometric Variables in Indian Inter-university Female Volleyball Players   Research Article
Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes: Big Trouble, Not So Little Asia   Abstract
A Pilot Trial on Kinematic Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using a Superconducting, Horizontally Opened, 1.2 T Magnetic Resonance System   Research Article
Functional Performance Testing in Athletes with Functional Ankle Instability   Research Article
How Effective Is Sun Salutation in Improving Muscle Strength, General Body Endurance and Body Composition?   Research Article
The Attenuation of Strike Acceleration with the Use of Safety Equipment in Tae Kwon Do   Research Article
The Offensive Efficiency of the High-Level Handball Players of the Front and the Rear Lines   Research Article
Effect of Eccentric Isotonic Quadriceps Muscle Exercises on Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: An Exploratory Pilot Study   Research Article