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Metabolic Limitations of Performance and Fatigue in Football   Review Article
Influence of Morphological Characteristics on Physical and Physiological Performances of Tunisian Elite Male Handball Players   Research Article
The Effect of an Ecological Imagery Program on Soccer Performance of Elite Players   Research Article
Predictor Variables for Marathon Race Time in Recreational Female Runners   Research Article
Anthropometric and Hemodynamic Profiles of Athletes and Their Relevance to Performance in the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope   Research Article
Physical Fitness, Physical Activity and Sedentary Activities of 7 to 11 Year Old Boys with Different Body Mass Indexes   Research Article
Anthropometric Profile and Special Judo Fitness levels of Indian Judo Players   Research Article
Percentage of Body Fat and Weight Gain in Participants in the Tehran High School Wrestling Championship   Research Article
Characteristics of Headache at Altitude among Trekkers; A comparison between Acute Mountain Sickness and Non-Acute Mountain Sickness Headache   Research Article
Socio-Cultural Power Dynamics and Coping Functions: A Narrative Case Report of a Female Paralympian   Case Report