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Outcomes of Birmingham Hip Resurfacing: A Systematic Review   Review Article
Intrarater Reliability of Pain Intensity, Tissue Blood Flow, Thermal Pain Threshold, Pressure Pain Threshold and Lumbo-Pelvic Stability Tests in Subjects with Low Back Pain   Research Article
The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Choice Reaction Time and Anaerobic Power of College Student Athletes   Research Article
The Effect of a Combined High-Intensity Plyometric and Speed Training Program on the Running and Jumping Ability of Male Handball Players   Research Article
Role of Biofeedback in Optimizing Psychomotor Performance in Sports   Research Article
The Effect of Exercise on Urinary Gamma-Glutamyltransferase and Protein Levels in Elite Female Karate Athletes   Research Article
Comparison of MR images for age determination; T1 weighted images (T1WI) versus T2* weighted images (T2*WI)   Research Article
Bone Mineral Changes and Cardiovascular Effects among Female Athletes with Chronic Menstrual Dysfunction   Research Article
Dog Bites among Off-Road Cyclists: A Report of Two Cases   Case Report
Children Dental Trauma Facts for Emergent Field Management   Letter