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Diurnal Variations in Physical Performances Related to Football in Young Soccer Players   Research Article
Participation and Performance Trends in Triple Iron Ultra-triathlon – a Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Data Analysis   Research Article
Acute Injuries in Student Circus Artists with Regard to Gender Specific Differences   Research Article
Effects of Morning Caffeine’ Ingestion on Mood States, Simple Reaction Time, and Short-Term Maximal Performance on Elite Judoists   Research Article
Elevated Body Mass Index and Body Fat Percentage Are Associated with Decreased Physical Fitness in Soccer Players Aged 12–14 Years   Research Article
Monitoring Training Load and Fatigue in Rugby Sevens Players   Research Article
Influence of Selected Exercise on Serum Immunoglobulin, Testosterone and Cortisol in Semi-Endurance Elite Runners   Research Article
Effect of Exercise Program and Calcium Supplements on Low Bone Mass among Young Indian Women- A Comparative Study   Research Article
The Estimation of the Fat Free Mass Index in Athletes   Research Article
Health-Related Quality of Life in Iranian Women with Different Levels of Physical Activity   Abstract
Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia in an Elite Female Soccer Player; What Sports Medicine Clinicians Should Know about This?   Case Report
Knee Pain Following a Ski Injury   Introduction
Travelling Fellowship Program for Football Medicine; Report on an Experience   Brief Report