Asian Journal of Sports Medicine : 2013, Volume 4, Issue 3, Sep Abstracts XML

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Comparative Study of Aerobic Performance Between Football and Judo Groups in Prepubertal Boys   Research Article
Narita Target Heart Rate Equation Underestimates the Predicted Adequate Exercise Level in Sedentary Young Boys   Research Article
The Effects of Ingestion of Sugarcane Juice and Commercial Sports Drinks on Cycling Performance of Athletes in Comparison to Plain Water   Research Article
Attributes of Dental Trauma in a School Population with Active Sports Involvement   Research Article
Altered Peak Knee Valgus during Jump-Landing among Various Directions in Basketball and Volleyball Athletes   Research Article
Martial Arts Training Attenuates Arterial Stiffness in Middle Aged Adults   Research Article
Changes of Serum Retinol Binding Protein 4 Levels Following 8 Weeks Moderate Aerobic Exercise   Research Article
Physiological Responses of General vs. Specific Aerobic Endurance Exercises in Soccer   Research Article
Comparison of Dynamic Balance in Collegiate Field Hockey and Football Players Using Star Excursion Balance Test   Research Article
Relationship between Aerobic Capacity and Yo-Yo IR1 Performance in Brazilian Professional Futsal Players   Research Article