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Post-Plyometric Exercise Hypotension and Heart Rate in Normotensive Individuals: Influence of Exercise Intensity   Research Article
Positive Effect of the Use of Accelerometry on Lifestyle Awareness of Overweight Hypertensive Patients   Research Article
Naproxen Twice Daily Versus as Needed (PRN) Dosing: Efficacy and Tolerability for Treatment of Acute Ankle Sprain, a Randomized Clinical Trial   Research Article
Gender Difference of Aerobic Contribution to Surface Performances in Finswimming: Analysis Using the Critical Velocity Method   Research Article
Physiological and Perceived Exertion Responses during International Karate Kumite Competition   Research Article
Agreement Analysis among Measures of Thinness and Obesity Assessment in Iranian School Children and Adolescents   Research Article
Right Ventricle Chamber of Young Trained Athletes: Morphology and Function   Research Article
Evaluation of Relationship between Trunk Muscle Endurance and Static Balance in Male Students   Research Article
Possibility of Delay in the Super-Compensation Phase due to Aging in Jump Practice   Research Article