Asian Journal of Sports Medicine : 2014, Volume 5, Issue 1, Mar Abstracts XML

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Common Sports-Related Infections: A Review on Clinical Pictures, Management and Time to Return to Sports   Review Article
A Comparison of Anthropometric and Training Characteristics between Female and Male Half-Marathoners and the Relationship to Race Time   Research Article
Physiological Responses and Performance Analysis Difference between Official and Simulated Karate Combat Conditions   Research Article
Neuromuscular and Metabolic Responses to Three Different Resistance Exercise Methods   Research Article
Association of Ambient Air Quality with Pulmonary Function of Youngster Footballers   Research Article
Physical Activity during a Prolonged Congested Period in a Top-Class European Football Team   Research Article
Surface Electromyography Assessments of the Vastus medialis and Rectus femoris Muscles and Creatine Kinase after Eccentric Contraction Following Glutamine Supplementation   Research Article
Repeated Acceleration Ability (RAA): A New Concept with Reference to Top-Level Field and Assistant Soccer Referees   Brief Report
Exercise Therapy for Total Tear of Rotator Cuff: A Case Report   Case Report
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Caused By Swimming   Letter