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Comparison of Effect of One Course of Intense Exercise (Wingate test) on Serum Levels of Interleukin-17 in Different Groups of Athletes   Research Article
Return to Rugby After Brain Concussion: A Prospective Study in 35 High Level Rugby Players   Research Article
Lower Back Injuries in Rowing National Level Compared to International Level Rowers   Research Article
Are Fast-Bowlers Prone to Back Injuries? Prevalence of Lumbar Spine Injuries in Fast-Bowlers: Review of MRI-Based Studies   Review Article
Golf-Related Low Back Pain: A Review of Causative Factors and Prevention Strategies   Review Article
Spine Surgery in Athletes With Low Back Pain-Considerations for Management and Treatment   Review Article
An Exploratory Examination of the Association Between Altered Lumbar Motor Control, Joint Mobility and Low Back Pain in Athletes   Research Article
Low Back Pain Functional Disability in Athletes; Conceptualization and Initial Development of a Questionnaire   Research Article
Lifespan Perspective of Professional Footballers’ Health   Letter
Recovery of Powerful Kick Biomechanics After Intense Running Fatigue in Male and Female Soccer Players   Research Article
Acute Shortness of Breath in an Adult   Discussion
Designing an Electronic Personal Health Record for Professional Iranian Athletes   Research Article
Anthropometric Characteristics and Physical Performance of Colombian Elite Male Wrestlers   Research Article
Myocardial Scar Detected by Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance in a Competitive Bodybuilder With Longstanding Abuse of Anabolic Steroids   Case Report
U.S. Cohort Differences in Body Composition Outcomes of a 6-Month Pedometer-Based Physical Activity Intervention: The ASUKI Step Study   Research Article