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Hamstring Muscle Injuries, a Rehabilitation Protocol Purpose   Review Article
Changes of Serum Adiponectin and Testosterone Concentrations Following Twelve Weeks Resistance Training in Obese Young Men   Research Article
Effects of Agitation and Storage Temperature on Measurements of Hydration Status   Research Article
Acute Effects of Different Agonist and Antagonist Stretching Arrangements on Static and Dynamic Range of Motion   Research Article
Cross-Cultural Adaptation of the Micheli Functional Scale to Persian Language for Evaluation of Low Back Pain in the Young Athletes   Research Article
Influence of Endurance Exercise Overloading Patterns on the Levels of Left Ventricular Catechoamines After a Bout of Lactate Threshold Test in Male Wistar Rat   Research Article
The Effects of Caffeine Supplements on Exercise-Induced Oxidative Damages   Research Article
How Accurate Are the Anthropometry Equations in in Iranian Military Men in Predicting Body Composition?   Research Article
Effect of Resistance Training on Capillary Density Around Slow and Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers in Diabetic and Normal Rats   Research Article
Scapular Resting Position and Gleno-Humeral Movement Dysfunction in Asymptomatic Racquet Players: A Case-Control Study   Research Article
Cardiac Parasympathetic Reactivation in Elite Soccer Players During Different Types of Traditional High-Intensity Training Exercise Modes and Specific Tests: Interests and Limits   Research Article
Validity Study of a Jump Mat Compared to the Reference Standard Force Plate   Brief Report
Extreme Violation of Sleep Hygiene: Sleeping Against the Biological Clock During a Multiday Relay Event   Brief Report
Does Downhill Walking on Treadmill Improve Physical Status and Quality of Life of A Patient With COPD?   Case Report
Morphine/Codeine Ratio, a Key in Investigating a Case of Doping   Case Report