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Protective Role of Aerobic Exercise Against Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity in Rats   Research Article
Effect of Therapeutic Sequence of Hot Pack and Ultrasound on Physiological Response Over Trigger Point of Upper Trapezius   Research Article
Effects of Post-Exercise Honey Drink Ingestion on Blood Glucose and Subsequent Running Performance in the Heat   Research Article
Effects of a Mask on Breathing Impairment During a Fencing Assault: A Case Series Study   Research Article
Long Term and Intensive Use of Ophthalmic Topical Corticosteroids and the Risk of Positive Doping Test in Athletes: A Case Report   Case Report
Obturator Internus and Obturator Externus Strain in a High School Quarterback   Case Report
Training Effects on Immune Function in Judoists   Research Article
Specific Intensity for Peaking: Is Race Pace the Best Option?   Research Article
Effects of Breaking Sitting by Standing and Acute Exercise on Postprandial Oxidative Stress   Research Article
The Judo World Ranking List and the Performances in the 2012 London Olympics   Research Article
Regular Football Practice Improves Autonomic Cardiac Function in Male Children   Research Article
Cognitive Appraisals and Lived Experiences During Injury Rehabilitation: A Narrative Account Within Personal and Situational Backdrop   Research Article
Criterion Related Validity of Karate Specific Aerobic Test (KSAT)   Research Article
Five-Kilometers Time Trial: Preliminary Validation of a Short Test for Cycling Performance Evaluation   Research Article
Effects of Eccentric and Concentric Emphasized Resistance Exercise on IL-15 Serum Levels and Its Relation to Inflammatory Markers in Athletes and Non-Athletes   Research Article