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Neuromuscular and Blood Lactate Response After a Motocross Training Session in Amateur Riders   Research Article
A Comparison of Increases in Volume Load Over 8 Weeks of Low-Versus High-Load Resistance Training   Research Article
Smartphone and Universal Goniometer for Measurement of Elbow Joint Motions: A Comparative Study   Research Article
Biochemical Differences Between Official and Simulated Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Matches   Research Article
Prevalence of Common Postural Disorders Among Academic Dental Staff   Research Article
Asymmetry of the Modified Illinois Change of Direction Test Impacts Young Elite Soccer Players’ Performance   Brief Report
The Effect of Stretching Exercises on Severity of Restless Legs Syndrome in Patients on Hemodialysis   Research Article
Acute Responses to 10×15 m Repeated Sprint Ability Exercise in Adolescent Athletes: the Role of Change of Direction and Sport Specialization   Research Article
Comparison of Mental Toughness and Power Test Performances in High-Level Kickboxers by Competitive Success   Research Article
Knee Muscular Control During Jump Landing in Multidirections   Research Article
Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disorders Among Iranian Elite Athletes   Research Article
Effects of a Theory Based Intervention on Physical Activity Among Female Employees: A Quasi-Experimental Study   Research Article
Comparison of the Kinematic Patterns of Kick Between Brazilian and Japanese Young Soccer Players   Research Article
Are Level of Education and Employment Related to Symptoms of Common Mental Disorders in Current and Retired Professional Footballers?   Research Article
Antioxidant Expression Response to Free Radicals in Active Men and Women Fallowing to a Session Incremental Exercise; Numerical Relationship Between Antioxidants and Free Radicals   Research Article